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Voice of America: Kurdish Service

Balen Salih Interviews Ari Zahav

January 18, 2019

Famed Kurdish journalist, Balen Salih interviews Ari Zahav on his opinion of a United States military withdrawal from Syria. Ari Zahav takes up the position that the removal of troops provides a number of serious externalities such as the breakup of the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition along ethnic lines. Ari Zahav speaks about the role the United States military has in the Middle East in terms of perception vs. action. The two men discuss the role that regional powers have on local conflict including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. They also go on to postulate how recent events effect Israel and any long term possible conflict with Hezbollah.

The Kurdish version can be found here.

The English version can be found here.


August 3rd, 2019

Many thanks to Belgian photojournalist, Thomas-Xavier Christiane for his piece on Debate For Peace and a talk I gave on how social affects conflict policy in the Middle East at the US Embassy in Israel. He did a great job on expressing the theme and subject matter of the event.


Gather Together with Ari Zahav

March, 2020

As the COVID 19 Pandemic began, it became apparent that each person and group of people around the world would be affected differently. Gather Together with Ari Zahav is a discussion series with great minds from around the world, discussing international affairs, policy and possibilities moving forward.

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