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Innovation Services

Rethinking Thinking

Organizational Analysis

Intrepreneurship and Initiative Development

Human Pyramid
Hierarchy Analysis

Strike the balance between executive authority and worker autonomy.

From tech startups to militaries, hierarchies are important for organizing efforts and standards.

Hierarchy Analysis

Image by Arthur Osipyan

Say what needs to be said and nothing else.

Good communication is concise, consistent and direct. Too much back and forth slows down the pace of work and confuses everyone involved. Let's unveil the problem together.

Communications Analysis

Innovation Workshops

Each culture is different.

Don't look like a fool.

All we need is one afternoon. There's hidden potential in your workforce waiting to be tapped. All it takes is an assisted environment of creation. We use calculated methodology to bring out the best new ideas.

Innovation Workshops

Team Talk

Safety first.

From hackathons to creating R&D departments, we assist new growth by creating micro-companies within companies. Innovation stems from sourcing knowledge from experienced employees and providing a structure of discovery.

Intreprenueship Initiatives

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