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Political Consulting

Ari Zahav is a nonpartisan member of the American Association of Political Consultants. Ari Zahav is not a FARA registrant and retains high ethical standards for collaboration in accordance with US law. 

All advisory services are preceded by a non-disclosure agreement.

Domestic Affairs

political interview
Should I Run For Office?

You've thought about it.

Now think about it seriously.

If you're thinking about running for office, you should take into account your impediments and advantages.

Should I run for office?

People waving American flags
Constituency Analysis

America is diverse.

Different populations have different needs and assets.  America is a pointillist masterpiece. Don't paint with a broad brush.

Constituency Analysis

Politician on Poduim
Speech Writing

Rhetoric without sophistry

Language is about more than conveying ideas, it's about spreading passion for the possible. If you can dream it, we can write it.

Speech Writing

Digital social media
Campaign Strategy and Innovation

Do good better.

Best practices in campaign strategy are constantly developing. Every electorate and each elected official is unique. For the best campaign possible, write a better manual.


Strategy and Innovation

International Affairs

Relationship Management

Each culture is different.

Don't look like a fool.

We advise on, build and maintain difficult international relationships. We learn the best communications techniques for each culture and assist in mutually beneficial relationships. 



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Security Analysis

Safety first.

No matter if you're traveling through the desert, setting up a business in a foreign country or bringing charitable goods to those in need, safety for you and yours should always come first.

Security Analysis

Image by NASA
Geopolitical Futurism

Grasp the first mover advantage.

If you still want to be here in 50 years, strategize now. We will help you build the tomorrow you want to prepare for.

Geopolitical Futurism

Image by Rinson Chory
Trade Policy

The world is your oyster,

let's see if there's a pearl inside.

We don't always know what the minutia of trade policy is, but we know how to find, condense and deliver that information to your internal stakeholders.

International Trade Policy

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