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Gather Together


Ari Zahav

Most of my consulting focuses on international relations and information flow. It's no surprise then that my podcast takes takes an abstract look at group formation. I won't sell myself under a patina of professionalism. No, this is a passion project. It's as authentic a glimpse I can give into myself as possible.

 I love the accessibility and complexity of online community, but I also love the fulfillment and tangible nature of in person community. This channel is an experiment, an attempt to bridge the gap between online and in person communities.


This podcast is started during Covid19 which means that the field of operation must be digital. In other words, the question to first raise is how do we adapt the benefits of live community to the digital space. I believe the best way forward is tactful vulnerability.


My initial attempt at this is to offer a window into my networks, both professional and personal to the extent that people within those networks are willing to be public. My network spans across the world. It includes top politicians and counter-terrorism experts, but also waiters and armchair philosophers.


As time goes on, we'll explore other avenues of bridging the gap. Learn more. Explore away. Reach out.

You can find the first chapter at

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