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Want to learn and get course credit?

Use the contact page with INTERNSHIP in the subject line.


(expect challenge)

Current Intern


Omar Hashem (Summer 2021)

Communication Research and Strategy Intern


Omar Hashem graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from San Francisco State University. He is passionate about International Relations, mass media, and culture. Having grown up in Cairo, he brings a particular multicultural perspective that informs his approach to intercultural communication. Omar believes in the power of social media and digital communications in bringing people together by allowing them to overcome their differences and find their shared values. He aspires to work as a strategist on political campaigns that align with his commitment to freedom, sustainability, and global justice. In his free time, he likes to go to live stand-up comedy shows, read sci-fi novels, and meeting people from different walks of life.

Former Interns

Molly Boucher (Spring 2020)

Communications and Outreach Intern

Molly Boucher is a social work and English major. She is currently interested in learning about public policy and journalism. She hopes to attend graduate school for a master's in social work with a concentration in policy. She is particularly interested in helping the homeless community and hopes to make a career out of working with people in difficult situations. Her end goal is to eventually run a homeless shelter. In her free time Molly likes to volunteer, read and spend time with friends.

Denisse Díaz-Sanchez (Spring 2020)

Content and Research Intern

Denisse Díaz-Sanchez is an Environmental Earth Science and Political Science major. She is highly interested in sustainable energy research. In addition, she is fascinated by domestic politics and matters of foreign affairs. She hopes one day to work in the political arena while continuing to do research as an environmental planner. One of her favorite pastimes is painting and she excels at portraiture.

Grace Poliner (Spring 2020)

Social Media and New Media Intern

Grace Poliner is a social work major, hoping to work with children diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In her free time, she is the family relations chair for CMN dance marathon. This passion of hers raises money for Connecticut Children’s Hospital. She also sings and arranges music for her university all women acapella group. She couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to be an intern this semester.

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